Robyn Lawley pour Vogue Australie septembre 2011

Billet photoshoot , la jolie Robyn Lawley mannequin plus size qu'on avait déjà pu voir en cover du Elle spécial Ronde 2011 mais aussi accompagnée de Tara Lynn et Candice Huffine dans le Vogue Italie Belle Vere ,ce retrouve cette fois dans le Vogue Australie. C'est une première pour le vogue Australie qui n'avait jamais employé en 52 ans d’existence un modèle plus size jusqu’à maintenant. Les photos sont accompagnée d'une interview de 2pages (si je les trouves j'updaterai le billet) et voici un extrait de l'éditorial de la rédac chef :

“This is the first time Vogue Australia has shot a larger model and of course now that we have done it, I ask myself why we didn’t do it sooner. But that’s because Robyn is especially gorgeous. I went to the shoot to meet her and was transfixed by her beauty and poise. She is a truly super duper model. When a plus size model first turns up to the studio, she may be an anomaly to a team normally used to working with size 6’s, but once photographer Max Doyle started shooting Robyn, we quickly readjusted our preconceived notions of beauty. She doesn’t actually look plus size to me at all now. I said to a colleague on set later that day, “And men like curves don’t they?” He looked at me like I was an idiot. “Yes Kirsty, we certainly do” was his laconic reply. It’s an interesting conversation – the world of high fashion and fuller-figured women. One that needs to be continued”.

photographer: max doyle
fashion editor: meg gray
fashion assistant: megha kapoor
makeup: justine purdue
hair: renya xydis

source frockwriter

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